Sunday, September 11, 2011

PRESS RELEASE - West End/Broadway Auditions Seminar in LONDON - October 17-21st


Wright Way Master Classes – West End/Broadway Auditions Seminar


Rance Wright is a multi-talented, multi-faceted provider of highly focused and skilled classes and offerings with the artist in mind. Rance is also the founder of New York City based Wright Way Productions - the parent company to several affiliates, including Wright Way Master Classes.

Wright Way Master Classes grabs some of the most recognized names in the industry, such as Patrick Goodwin of Telsey and Company, Duncan Stewart of Duncan Stewart Casting, Merri Sugarman of Tara Rubin Casting & Cindi Rush of Cindi Rush Casting and puts them in a room with you where the focus is to help you achieve a more successful audition in your field and essentially allows you to sell yourself in the Wright way - because you are worth it. We believe our technique offers a safe environment for the student to expose their strengths and weaknesses in addition to bringing honesty and realness to the space.

Wright Way Master Classes has garnered attention from an international audience base and is bringing their popularity and expertise to London this fall. West End/Broadway Auditions Seminar spots are limited this October, so show your interest by sending your headshot and resume for consideration right away to

Wright Way Master Classes has solidified their footing in New York, Boston, Nashville, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Salt Lake City, and internationally in London and Sydney. We are reaching out to artists of the following disciplines: Singers; Dancers; Actors; Choreographers and Teachers in the following fields: Broadway; Dance; Country/Christian/PopRock Music; Film/TV/VoiceOver work to provide you with an environment of learning by placing you in the hands of working Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Artists who know what it takes to help you complete your succession to the next level of your career.

Rance Wright is an individual of change and boldness and believes in the power of individuality. We also believe in the power of connection and that through our services, we can help you hone your skill set and become better at auditions and as a performer. It’s about putting the Wright foot forward.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Testimonial from KARA VON ASCHWEGE - A student of Wright Way Master Classes (LAS VEGAS)


There are so many things about Rance's class that make it a MUST in my book. First of all, Rance is the type of person who, from the moment you walk in the door, creates a trusting environment for any actor to be able to risk and thrive. He is hilarious, friendly and knowledgeable! On top of that, you get the opportunity to not only meet, but then to work through your audition book with Rance and some of the biggest casting directors in the business today -it is a rare and wonderful opportunity that I think EVERY actor who's serious about their career should jump on....yesterday. Rance's class gave me quality feedback on my headshot/resume, organized my book in a way that gives me that extra boost of confidence when walking in to any audition room, and made me realize that 'I am enough.' TAKE THIS CLASS!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Journey Is Worth It

I do apologize for my absence on this blog. I am back and want to discuss something very beautiful to me at the moment. And that is OUR journey.

In this wonderful art of ours we have an opportunity to bless lives and give to others in so many different ways. Let us not forget that there are many aspects to the the entertainment business and it is important that many of us have more than one purpose in it.

I am a performer, a producer, a teacher and most importantly a friend so as I teach across the country and here in NYC I want all of my students and stunning artists to know that my heart is in it for them. I get it...I understand their I still find myself in mine.

"There will be a BREAKDOWN before there is ever a BREAKTHROUGH" - Rance Wright

"You will FAIL and you will FAIL AGAIN, however, it is through FAILURE that you shall find success." - Rance Wright

This journey through finding your talent is a difficult one so it is important that you do not beat yourself up as you are traveling this crazy up and down road. I invite you to try everything at least once to find out what your taste is.

Create your opportunities as these opportunities will not always be given to you...and if an idea or opportunity that you create least you tried and continue to try.

Take risks in your long as it is from the heart...we cannot deny you your honesty.

Thank everyone you come in contact with who has uplifted you and helped you on your way.

10 years ago I had a wonderful individual believe in me enough to inspire me to not give up and to set goals for the next 10 years of my life (I was 23 at the time). 10 years later almost every single one of those goals have come to fruition. Thank you Rich.

I invite you to surround yourself with people who can help you do that as well.

As your dreams and reality become one - I promise it is one of the most exciting moments that we are given in this life. I have had the beautiful pleasure to not only see it for myself...but see it in so many of my students as well.

Stay tuned for many more posts!

Kind regards,

Rance Wright
Wright Way Master Classes

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July America!

Dear Friends -

Happy 4th of July America! What a beautiful and amazing country this is, a land that is multi-cultural, expansive and beautiful. I am so grateful to those whom have died so that I may live free.

In an effort to respect those whom have gone before is important that we do our part. With freedoms come responsibilities from each and every one of us. May we reach out to help and extend our kindness and love to others. As we help others...we begin to understand a little more about ourselves.

I invite everyone who reads reach out and volunteer your time and efforts to make a true difference in this world.

Again, Happy 4th of July AMERICA! May we celebrate with light and kindness!


Friday, May 28, 2010

You Are Good Enough!

Why do we stop ourselves from reaching our potential? Why do we always feel that our potential is some other persons reality? I am going to ask you to stop now and say to yourself I am good enough to reach beyond my dreams.

If there is one thing that I feel I can offer my is the security and reality that they are GOOD enough. It is a sad realization that our business gives us so many NO' is our job as performers to look beyond those NO's and to realize that YES's are right around the corner.

To realize this it sometimes takes hearing it from someone else. Someone whom you trust to help you find your particular greatness.

Do not allow the business to take control of your mood or personality. Hearing NO so often can dampen our spirits and move us to make stupid decisions.

We were each chosen to be in this field. You must realize the power that you not only offer to yourself...but more importantly how you bless others lives.

Enjoy who you it..conquer it..thrive with it.

Look forward to your endeavors and opportunities and realize that you too can achieve your dreams.

Kind regards,

Rance Wright
Wright Way Master Classes

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wright Way Master Classes TESTIMONIAL by Samantha Goble (MOM)

After only meeting Rance at my daughter’s audition, we made the commitment to travel halfway across the country for his week long Broadway Casting Director seminar. Rance’s enthusiasm is electric and he backs it up by bringing together the best in the business. My daughter was challenged in an intense week of training which was never discouraging. The critiques offered were straightforward, on target, and delivered with sensitivity. I witnessed tremendous professional growth in my daughter that week and Wright Way training has proved to be a fantastic investment. She often refers back to all she learned in that transformational week in her preparation for auditions and has seen much more success in auditions, I believe, as a direct result of her Wright Way education.

--Samantha Goble

Always say the w"right" thing!

I was recently reminded of the value of always saying the right thing or doing the right thing in our profession.

Let me explain what I mean.

"When in doubt lose the sarcasm. When in doubt say the most positive thing you can. "

Regardless of how close you may feel to an industry professional saying something sarcastic in the wrong setting can make you look like a negative or unfriendly person. And after the positive impression of how talented you are why would you ever want to give anyone the impression that you aren't fun to work with or hang out with.

I was recently reminded that there are many ears out there who hear you. And in a conversation with a friend of mine I didn't realize that someone nearby me worked with a group of people that I was speaking light of, no harm in the conversation that I was sharing, but a gentleman friend of mine turned around and shared their feelings on the subject that I was looking to only touch on...then the conversation became a unnecessary five minute conversation and me back peddling. My behavior, though meant with kindness and caution, was taken out of place and I was made the fool. So lesson learned and now lesson to teach.

When in doubt...say kind words only...because you never know who is lurking nearby...who potentially your conversation could hurt or be taken incorrectly.

Just some words of advice!

Kind regards,

Rance Wright
Wright Way Master Classes